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Seed Investment

Yes Please!  I'd like to know more about investing in Bizmerang!

Bizmerang is one of those lucky businesses that has had a "good covid".  Using the traction and knowledge gained we have an ambitious plan to move our business to the next level and are on a new investment round.

SEIS allows regular income tax payers make relatively small investments in early stage, high growth businesses (like us) with huge tax benefits. 


We expect a 10x return for our shareholders over 5 years ... but of course we would say that wouldn't we (even though its true!). With an SEIS investment, there is no Capital Gains Tax hit on the way out.


Also, through a combination of immediate tax relief and future tax deductions, HMRC can cover more than 70% of a potential loss to the small investor. 


In effect, this turns a 'High Risk / High Reward' play into a Low Risk / Very  High Reward' one.


To see proper explanations of this there are a couple of videos below.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity, we have a webinar coming up very soon.  Please fill in the form to request an invite.

(Special Arrangements Available for 'Referrers')