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Do you recall the moment you decided to start your business? The decision, the planning, the excitement? Thinking about how to be a success.

In the NI Business Pro Network Circle we want to help you re-engage with that energy. All of us know that once you get started the day to day can slow you down, distract you and become draining.


This network is about all of us working together to re-energise ourselves. Like the feeling you get when you are part of a team that wins, it takes effort to get to the final, but it is the success that takes you forward.

If you are in the NI Business Facebook Group and want to take the next step in networking or are a current member of the Bizmerang Local private network, join Guy Bucknall and Tim McKane in NI Business Pro, the new network for business energy.

The Business Workout

Our weekly workout, every Tuesday, has been developed during Covid. Meeting at 9.30 every Tuesday on Zoom you will meet the team, then we go to four break out sessions, followed by another four 1-2-1 'speed dating' sessions to really get to know the other people in the Network.

That means you can meet up to 50 new people every month, share your details and energise your business with new leads.

When you join, your details will be logged into the App, and so when you want to find someone, to continue a conversation, or even strike up a new one, it’s easy and safe.

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The Knowledge Bank

Where do you develop most of your business knowledge (other than ‘the school of hard knocks’)? From websites, in books, on podcasts?


The best learning is from other people, face to face or in seminars. Where you can ask questions, or listen to the answers from others, meet people with totally diverse knowledge sets who want to help you.


To support the Knowledge Bank, and to give us all focus, we have monthly themes, so we can get into the details of each topic.

Our 2021 Monthly Themes are:


April – Working Smarter

May – Acquiring & Retaining Customers

June – Mindset & Managing Your Energy

July – Refining & Defining Your Product

August – Social Media Marketing

September – Standing Out From The Competition

October – Holiday Sales & Their Planning

November – Advertising & Marketing

December – Goals & Goal Setting


This is an investment of both time and money. We will be working hard to deliver the quality of business advice that will really make a difference to how your business grows. To get the best out if it, you will have to invest time, and participate. As we grow, the network will become a bigger part of your business planning as you see the results.


US$30 per month. There is no annual contract, so if it’s not working for you, you can simply leave the Circle and you will not be billed any further.