How It Works

Bizmerang is different from the social media platforms that you are used to.  What business owners need most is the ability to connect and build a relationship with the right people and receive the right content for them.  Our platform has been built from the ground up to do exactly that.

Based on 'Circles'

The platform is based on a series of micro networks, each specific to a particular industry/location/theme/topic etc and each run by a business person who is passionate about helping the members of their micro network.  

These micro networks are called Circles and each one will, in it's own specific way, help it’s members to grow their businesses.  

You can join as many as you like!

Circles (1).png
Circles (3).png

The Circles are not simply a rehash of Facebook groups but are bursting at the seams with the real tangible benefits you need.

Search and Discovery

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, Bizmerang is 'Searchable'.  You can do this in a number of ways including simple 'text' searches and adding filters etc.

But we also have a fantastic 'Discovery' section that allows you to seek out Topics, Members Near You, Circles Near You and so on.


Circle Hosts

To ensure this happens we have selected a host for each circle who we know will do everything they can to help you succeed.


Each of our hosts has been trained by both our team and our tech partners Mighty Networks, in how to make your Bizmerang experience the best it can be!

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Content & Engagement

When you join a circle, remember that the more you put in, the more you will get out, so engage in the group as much as possible.  

Bizmerang members can only post content in the circles they are members of.  In your news feed you should only see the content from the circles you are a member of and announcements from Bizmerang staff.  This means that your news feed is not filled up with content that is irrelevant to you.  

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Circle Fees

We insist that our Circle hosts charge a fee for membership of their circle.  We do this to ensure that only committed business people will join and to encourage engagement from all circle members