Grow Your Own Micro Community as a 

As a Bizmerang Circle Host, you can bring together your community, content, events, online courses and subscription commerce in one place.

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Bizmerang Circle Host

Your Crowd Needs You!

From creatives to professionals, from teens to boomers, people will have the same five reasons for joining you in your new Bizmerang Circle. They want to:

  • Meet people just like you

  • Share stories, experiences, and ideas. Not advice.

  • Get answers to questions you can’t just Google

  • Learn faster and make better decisions

  • Find inspiration from members on the same path

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Don’t worry if you are not sure that people will take the time to join your circle regularly.  It’s most likely that they will join a couple of others at the same time, so they will have lots of other content in their Personal News Feed that is also really relevant to them.

Everything you need ...

... to create a safe, private space for your people ... that's all yours

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Monetize Your Effort

At Bizmerang, we understand that to set up a networking group takes time and effort.  We want to make sure that our Circle Hosts are not only committed to the task but have the resource to make their Circle the best it can be.  Therefore, we insist that once a new Circle is healthy and strong, it charges a monthly membership fee.

The Circle Host decides how much the fee will be and the Circle Host gets 80% of the revenue.  You can use those funds as you like, so you could take it as your fee for your effort or you can use it to add more benefit to your Circle e.g. hosting Live events or paying guest speakers etc.

It's your Circle, so you do it how you think best!

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We'll Train You Up

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To help you create the best quality Circle, we have a short training programme called 'Community Design'that you will complete in a cohort with other new Hosts.  It requires about 3 hours per week for 5 weeks and its all done after 'office hours'.

Right from Day 1, you will be accepted as a member of the Circle Leaders Circle. In this highly experienced community you can message the trainers and other hosts directly, share your ideas and get as much support and help as you need!

All our Hosts understand that the better you get, the better your Circle gets and the higher quality of Bizmerang throughout ... so they all want to help!

Next 'Community Design' Cohort starts in January 2019

Are You Up For It?


If you are seriously interested in becoming a Bizmerang Circle Host, please submit the form.

We know that your data is extremely precious to you and we will not share it with anyone else without your permission.

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